Is your response rate stuck at 1%?

Too many campaigns are measured by one number, but every campaign has its silver linings and success stories. With superior insight, organizations can understand the good and bad so they can make the right improvements to increase campaign response rates.

Are you receiving targeted messaging and delivery channels from your marketing agencies?

Agencies are paid to sell and execute campaigns, but are they creating the ideal campaign for your brand and unique customer mix? Orasi recognizes there is never just one customer persona impacting the business. Insights from all demographic groups must be considered to understand the complete risk and rewards story.

Direct Marketing
Prospects Who Have Already Responded

Are your customers’ interactions growing in step with your marketing dollars?

Marketing budgets seem to increase every year, as millennials, technology, and world events require updated approaches for effectively reaching and engaging customers. Insights can help fine-tune messaging and treatment strategies to balance revenue and expense.

Why trust Orasi to compile your market insights?

  • Serve as unbiased, third-party partner
  • Provide holistic insights that include good and bad news
  • Focus on the “Why’s,” not averages and numbers
  • Offer continuous monitoring and learning, enabling quick reaction to market situations
  • Augment existing BI and data science teams for quicker reaction and speed to market execution
  • Handle much of the legwork so organizations can focus on running their businesses
Market Insights

Start Your Analytics Journey!

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