Reward Programs

Data-driven analyses to find what’s working and what’s not – enabling effective decision making to help drive results for a positive ROI.

Can a loyalty program be measured as a quantifiable value? The answer is in the insight.

Success with loyalty programs starts with their effectiveness relating to customer activities and touch points. These must be balanced against expenses and their overall operational impact to the organization.

Quantifying Loyalty Programs
Customer Loyalty

Make your loyalty program work for you and not just for your customers.

Effective loyalty programs have to be constructed to entice the consumer to take various actions that drive acquisition, activation, retention and long-term ROI for the brand.

Find the hidden value in loyalty with Orasi.

Monetize your loyalty programs by showing and articulating their overall value to the customer and brand. Ongoing insights enable an in-depth look into the “why’s” behind the results, which is critical for consumer and organization adoption.

Loyalty's Hidden Value

Orasi’s Loyalty Program Analytics Help Companies Answer Such Key Questions As:

  • Is the program constructed appropriately for the customer and the brand?
  • Has the program generated lift and new customers?
  • Is the sponsor seeing top-of-wallet behavior?
  • What is the reward cost to value, and can it be improved?
  • Is the expense being distributed to the appropriate customer?

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