David Nay@David Nay joins Orasi Software as Chief Data Scientist with 34 years’ experience serving the financial, retail, and electronic payment industries with information solutions to guide and manage their portfolios, products, and services while understanding customer interactions and loyalty impacts.

Before joining Orasi, David was with TSYS, a leading electronic payment processor. David’s 19-year tenure involved building insight solutions for card payment issuers to understand how their customers perceived and used their products and how their usage habits impacted the portfolio’s P&L.

David was one of the founders of ESC Loyalty which was later purchased by TSYS. He was responsible for building the initial I.T. infrastructure and designing and developing the “Incentive Miles” system which was the loyalty management system. He also provided consulting and insights to his clients by leveraging his data science background

Prior to working in the card payment space, David spent most of his time working with Direct Marketing companies building customer relationship management systems. These systems were used for targeting and understanding the different geographic and demographic characteristics of consumers and tying in their purchase behavior and history.