Data Analytics for Retailers

Product and customer management gets trickier every day. You have decisions to make about your products: are they available to the customer in the right place at the right time and at the right price? We can help.

SKU and Store Clustering

Orasi uses proprietary algorithms to analyze which SKUs your customers want—where and in what quantities—to tell you which you should carry. By category, we break down your products by intent, attributes, and sales, implementing a clustering scheme that puts the right product on the right shelf at the right time.

To see this in action at a Fortune 50 retailer, click here.

Retail Store
Retail Shopper

Market Basket Analysis:
Don’t Fire Your Customer! 

Do you know which SKUs are most often purchased together? Is one of your low-volume SKUs quietly affecting an entire category? Don’t lose hope. SKU rationalization is tough! Orasi performs in-depth market basket, turns, and product line analyses to cut straight to the hardest part: telling you which SKUs to replace and why.

Profitability Analysis and Spend Visibility

Are your star products turning into dogs? Have materials costs driven your profitability down? We break down your sales and cost trends to hunt for opportunities.

  • Through careful spend analysis, we show the effects of price movements on margins and track them through your bills of materials all the way to your bottom line.
  • Need to consolidate suppliers? We break down your purchasing habits to ensure you always buy the right product from the right vendor at the right price.
Profitability Analysis and Spend Visibility

Start Your Analytics Journey!

Please give us the opportunity to tell you more about our process. In just a few minutes, we’ll illustrate its value – from the moment we sit down with your stakeholders to discuss business problems until we extract the last ounce of value from your data and equip you to solve them.