The days of one-size-fits-all analytics are over. Today, decision makers need practical guidance from authorities with deep domain expertise; talented professionals who custom-tailor every piece of the analytics puzzle. Quickly pinpointing business questions and the data that can answer them, Orasi has helped hundreds of companies make better decisions with data.

Service delivery modeled after what you need, not what our competition charges.

After we extract every ounce of benefit from your data and apply it to your business problems, we back you with a two-tier model—top-flight specialists for advanced, precise operations; highly competent yet affordable support teams for everything else.

A Value-Centered Process

For every engagement, we:

  • Start by understanding the business
  • Place ourselves into stakeholders’ seats
  • Reverse-engineer from business questions
  • Minimize impacts to internal resources
  • Fully utilize existing assets
  • Cross train and share knowledge with teams
  • Leverage our in-depth experience building analytics solutions
Orasi's Vision, Mission and Goal

Our Mission

Empower firms to gain full business value from their data, identifying the “why” behind consumer behaviors for informed action.

Our Vision

Build solutions to enrich and interpret data for operational awareness, strategic decision making and greater speed to insight.

Our Goal

To be a trusted partner for accurate, consumable, actionable intelligence—with focused guidance to solve business challenges.

Ready for a successful analytics journey? Meet our dedicated guides.

From a team cycling race to a mountain relay challenge, veteran coaches know now to help teams find the surest path to success. It takes a little instinct and a lot of know-how to maximize outcomes—identifying and defining the processes that prepare team members for the win; training that helps them traverse the course with both care and speed, and insights that enable team members to navigate around obstacles and pitfalls along the way. Our analytics pros use that exact approach developing your program.

Start Your Analytics Journey!

Please give us the opportunity to tell you more about our process. In just a few minutes, we’ll illustrate its value – from the moment we sit down with your stakeholders to discuss business problems until we extract the last ounce of value from your data and equip you to solve them.