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    Is your critical decision making information buried under mountains of data?

    Now consult our experts to decode all data anytime anywhere and develop actionable insights that streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction and save costs.
    Critical decision making information
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    Looking for more than just tactical data analytics?
    Get visual data insights that contributes to strategic objectives, as we work closely with C-Suite executives and Line of Business owners to provide best solutions specific to Issues, Concerns and Vision (ICVs)
    Looking for more
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    Onboarding time revenue.
    Are you maximising your potential?
    Our data analytics, reporting and dashboards drastically reduce staffing turnaround of multi location businesses, global staffing requirements and temporary staffing business.

Why companies love us

Businesses become empowered and more self-sufficient by
working with our analytics team.

When the Orasi team first arrived at our campus, they really had their hands full! Our department was just beginning to dive into the world of data visualization and analytics. The Orasi team came in and worked with our team, guiding us through the process of data visualization best practices and a variety of solutions for our data needs. They worked together with us to solve several large problems including providing top notch training on both Tableau and Alteryx. Having them here is helping us work through our own data and has been invaluable support. With their help, we have streamlined several processes that previously took several months and a large manpower to complete. The people at Orasi are phenomenal to work with and are a big reason why our departmental data analytics has been so successful. I highly recommend Orasi for all of your data needs.

Valerie Hallman Jackson
Financial Systems Analyst, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Who we are
We help you accelerate your decision making process

Custom-made Reports for the C-Suite

We work closely with the C-Suite and business owners and understand exact requirements. Every dashboard is tailored to fit in every piece of the analytics puzzle specific to their business.

Analytics that address your Issues, Concerns and Visions (ICVs)

We begin with understanding your issues and concerns. For us, analytics is not the end but a means of helping you achieve your overall analytics vision.

Optimizing ROI on your Analytics Platforms.

We focus on maximizing your ROI in analytic platforms through in-depth training and enablement services. Our delivery model uses a combination of on-site, off-shore and US based rural resources to help meet your time-sensitive project deadlines.

Insights that Drive Business

We turn data into customer-specific insights that translate into increased revenue and improved customer experiences.

What we do
We help you answer your Hows and Whys?

Our experts decode your data, resulting in actionable and customized insights.

GAP Analysis
Track your business objectives in real time and take immediate corrective actions to maximize revenues
Predictive Analysis
Gain a better grasp of the unknown by using statistical methods and modeling techniques that help predict future events or outcomes.
Customer-Centric Business
Intelligent customer insights ensure agility to keep-up with constantly changing demands and markets dynamics
Disruption and Innovation
Expert insights help with smart usage of AI, Bots and Apps to help you always stay ahead of the competition.

How we do it

Our experts ensure that the information that
matters the most is with you

Get insights real time, all the time and at your fingertips in simple consumable formats



Turn chaos into clarity - Get accessible and
actionable Hindsight, Insight and Foresight

Through our professional team of SMEs, we dig deep into data and convert information into knowledge. We help make sense of the never ending rows and columns with simple visual representations on live Dashboards or visual reports that give clarity and insight to to make critical business decisions with confidence. We consult, guide and train the business owners to extract every benefit from the information that creates a high business impact.



Enrich and interpret data for operational
awareness, strategic decision making

We work with the best tools and solution partners to enrich our data mining capabilities. Our proficiency with analytical tools and practices makes us best-in-class. We integrate ourselves with the company’s existing tools and bring out the most vital analytical reports to the business areas that need attention. The focus is not to create more reports but to ensure that all reports are relevant and meaningful.

Our Solution Partners

One of the foremost data analytics software products trusted by world's leading organizations. Tableau offers an array specialized products that help people see and understand data.
Specializes in self-service analytics with an intuitive user interface. Extract, Transform, Load from multiple data sources and perform complex analytics - predictive, spatial, and statistical.
Power BI
A business intelligence platform that provides nontechnical business users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data.


Expertise backed by Experience and Technology

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