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Business Analytics

Enabling intelligent business decisions that adapt on the go

Descriptive analytics- past or current performance for GAP Analysis

Diagnostic analytics – Understanding the “Why” and “How” of your business results

Predictive analytics – predict future performance based on historical data

Prescriptive analytics -suggested courses of action, based on predictions of future performance

Customer Insights

KYC: Knowing Your Customer is the key to success

Predict customer behaviour

Draw trends based on their buying behavior

Improve customer experience through sentiment analysis

Draw patterns, seasonal/occasional based on demand analysis

Project sales from strategic analysis of qualitative and quantitative data

Develop pricing mix or price points from competitor analysis

Global Staffing

Cultivating & optimizing human potential across the world with Orasi’s Global Services delivery model

Reduce cost associated with employee turnover

Optimize hiring strategy by augmenting staff with cost effective resources

Effective staffing process eliminates the costly delay to business-critical projects

Effective Sales

Analytics designed to make sure you have the right product at the right store and the right time.

Assortment planning

SKU rationalization

Market basket analysis

Smarter Healthcare

Harnessing the power of data to improve your healthcare practice

Maximize Revenue

Improve operational efficiency

Transform patient data and billing

Enable better patient care

Accelerate diagnosis and treatment

Arm doctors with data powers

Confidently align to new compliance mandates and data rules

Efficient DevOps

Give your company the ability to effectively manage their software projects through the entire DevOps pipeline.

Cross project reporting – holistic view of all your critical projects

Predictive analytics – “what if” scenarios to help get projects back on track

Automated, scheduled reporting – freeing up your key resources for more critical tasks

Result Oriented Training

Train your staff to get the most out of your analytics solutions

For future-proof competencies

Accelerate knowledge growth and competencies for explosive results

Simpler and modular ways to learn future practices

Well-orchestrated training in wide variety of learning scenarios

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