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Orasi Industry

Healthcare Analytics: Mobilizing people around actionable data

Healthcare organizations generate massive data about patients, medicines, diseases et al. At Orasi, we help them use that data in everyday decision-making without making it sound abstract or vague. This consequently builds a culture of making data-driven decisions. We work towards creating a positive patient experience. This is achieved by using descriptive analytics ( includes patient surveys, lab test reports, claims, clinical documents etc), predictive analytics that uses the above data to forecast future events and prescriptive analytics which recommends the most desired course of action that will benefit the patient. This comes along with billing analytics that supplies insights on treatment and patient participation.

Healthcare Analytics
Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics: Integrating insights about customers, transactions and operations

Retail organizations have transformed thanks to disruptions in online and delivery systems. They need to have a better and ongoing grip on the changing needs of consumers. Orasi helps retailers with deep insights on the entire matrix of products, channels, customer data, promotions, media choices, trends, location data and much more. As a retailer, you can trust Orasi to help you make the most of the data, right from the point where you are today in your analytics journey.


Education Analytics: Insights on creating and improving excellence

Departments and campuses are a hub of data. But they are often not interconnected. Orasi helps educational institutions to source data from multiple sources and then offer tools to analyze and report them for varied purposes. From lesson plans, under-performing students, to student performance, scholarship data, research projects and increasing enrollment efficiency, Orasi ties-in all the loose ends. All this is presented in an easy and understandable format for multiple departments in an accessible and affordable way. 

Education Analytics
Education Analytics
Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics: Optimizing production processes

The manufacturing industry literally produces tons of data across multiple points: from sourcing materials, production, logistics and going up the value chain to meet customer demands. Data often sits in isolation and becomes redundant. Orasi helps pool all the data to create insights for generating accurate forecasts, improving production processes, identifying gaps in quality, unified view of all internal data, insights on assessing the impact of changes in customer sentiments on pricing, packaging and production and much more. All this is done across several industry verticals including aerospace, defense, automotive, machinery et al.

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