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Bring Analytics Domain Expertise to Your Team

Your business demands top-notch analytics expertise to generate actionable insights from vast amount of data. To help you do this efficiently, Orasi Analytics can add deep domain expertise with several years of experience to your team. Have our capable professionals who help top-tier global companies make better business decisions every day.

Bring Analytics Domain
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Maximize ROI on Your Analytics Tools and Services

Companies are making huge investments is analytics tools and resources (people, process and technology) but most fall short in making sure their most valuable assets, their people, are properly trained to get the most value out of the investment they have made in analytics software. Although today’s tools are very intuitive and are classified as self-services analytics tools, most people learn just enough to solve the problem at hand. On their own, they rarely become experts on the software solution they are using.


Optimize Staffing Resources with Orasi’s Three-tier Delivery Services Model

Companies often struggle with employee turnover especially in the field of analytics. This impacts their bottom line by having to spend time, money and material hiring and training these resources, not to mention the impact those delays have in delivering revenue generating projects.

Orasi has a unique Three-Tier delivery services model offering on-site, on-shore (Rural) and off-shore resources that combine just the right expertise and the right cost point.

De-Risk with Orasi

Our Analytics Platforms

Development, Training,
Enterprise Adoption

We offer a full spectrum of services designed to maximize your investment in Tableau.

  • Tableau Mentoring
  • Custom Dashboard Development
  • Tableau Training
  • Tableau Support
  • Tableau Server Rapid Start
Development, Training

Development, Training, Enablement

Orasi brings well-rounded expertize across a variety of data needs

  • Data Preparation
  • Data Management and Discovery
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Location Intelligence
Development, Training, Enablement


Orasi specializes in analytics with Python programming and has expertise in

  • Machine Learning
  • Data classification
  • Data capturing
  • Data security
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization

Orasi specializes in data analytics with python programming and has expertise with

  • Agile development approaches
  • A vast array of frameworks
  • Best libraries for new applications
  • Ease of development
  • Versatility of web development tools
Orasi specializes

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